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Breast Augmentation: 455 cc Silicone gummy implants and Areolar lift

Savannah (5’3” 135 lbs) has small breasts, loose skin, and slight sagging of nipples. She is undergoing a breast augmentation, using 455 cc silicone implants, along with areolar breast lift to elevate the nipples, reduce the size of areolas and remove some loose skin.

Mommy makeover - Breast Lift and Tummy tuck

Tonya (5’2” 160 lbs) presented with breast sagging and excess skin and fat of the abdomen. She underwent breast lift and tummy tuck, commonly referred to as a Mommy makeover.

Mommy makeover - Breast Lift, Tummy tuck, Lipo on Abs and Arms

Felicity (5’3” 162 lbs) presented with breast sagging and excess skin and fat of the abdomen. She also had some extra fat of the upper arms. She wanted perky breasts and removal of loose abdominal skin. She underwent breast lift, tummy tuck, with lipo of the abdomen and upper arms.

Breast Reduction: Inferior pedicle technique

Myra (5’8” 155 lbs) has J cup breasts that cause her neck, shoulder, and upper back pain and she will be undergoing breast reduction to give her approximately DD breasts using the inferior pedicle technique

Breast Implant Exchange: Exposed implant

Maricruz (4’11” 120 lbs) is a small-framed woman who recently had breast augmentation using 600 cc silicone implants by another surgeon and presented to me about 3 weeks post-op with exposed left breast implant. She will be undergoing breast implant exchange to smaller implants that are more appropriate for her body size.

Breast Implant Exchange: Capsular Contracture

Sheri (5’5” 138 lbs) had saline breast implants in place for about 25 years with capsular contracture on Right side and will be undergoing Breast Implant exchange with Removal of old saline implants, correction of capsular contracture on Right, and placement of new 400 cc silicone gummy implants.

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