Fascia Blaster Study

Dr. Swet Chaudhari, our double board-certified plastic surgeon, has teamed up with Ashley Black, entrepreneur and inventor of the FasciaBlaster in a landmark research study that demonstrates the safety and efficacy of the FasciaBlaster on the appearance of cellulite.


The effects of fascia manipulation with fascia devices on myofascial tissue, subcutaneous fat, and cellulite in adult women.


In this controlled study, 33 adult women used the FasciaBlaster to treat the cellulite of their thighs for 5 days each week for 12 weeks, and they were compared to untreated women. Every 4 weeks, the treated areas were assessed with ultrasound to evaluate the architecture of the underlying fascia and measure the thickness of fat, along with high-resolution digital photography to assess the appearance of cellulite. Blood work was done in all patients an compared, as well, to evaluate the safety of these treatments.


The study concludes that fascia manipulation using the FasciaBlaster devices:

* decreases subcutaneous fat thickness
* decreases the appearance of cellulite
* improves the remodeling of collagen within the fascia
* has no detrimental effects on blood work
* has minimal side effects that all resolve quickly


Dr. Chaudhari is currently working with Ashley to develop a new treatment protocol that combines power-assisted liposuctioning (PAL) with FasciaBlaster treatments to provide the best possible post-operative outcome for minimally-invasive body contouring, with improved shape and less contour irregularities. Stay tuned!

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