Frustrated with stubborn problem areas? Coolsculpting might be for you! Coolsculpting is an innovative new procedure that uses a non-invasive technique to help you eliminate those annoying fat deposits that never seem to go away, despite dieting and exercising.

What is Coolsculpting?

By using cooling technology, Coolscupting can destroy fat cells and let you attain the figure of your dreams. Feel confident and comfortable in your clothes with the benefits of this great treatment technique. After your procedure, you will begin to notice results over a course of three to eight weeks. The results from Coolsculpting are gradual, but they are definitely worth it!

Not only is it an effective procedure, but it can be done quickly and conveniently. A Coolsculpting treatment can be completed in a couple hours or less and there is no recovery time. You won’t be spending any time in bed (unless you want to!) and you won’t have to change your routine in any way.

How does it work?

After your treatment, the cooled fat cells will begin to slowly shrink as part of a process called “apoptosis”. Your body will digest these cells over time and then remove them through your liver. This procedure is especially effective at eliminating small, annoying deposits in areas such as the hips or stomach. By targeting the exact areas where you need to lose fat, you can rest assured that you can have the body you want soon. You know that pair of skinny jeans you wish would still fit? Imagine sliding into them in just a few weeks! Those are the kind of results that you can achieve with Coolsculpting.

To be a good candidate for Coolsculpting, you should already be in good shape and have a good diet. Coolsculpting is ideal for removing small areas of fat and other, more invasive procedures should be considered in other cases. The abdomen, hips, upper arms, and inner thighs are the main areas normally treated using Coolsculpting.

To find out if Coolsculpting is right for you, book a free consultation.