Mommy Makeover  isn’t so much a set process of treatments, as it is the best combination of treatments for you. It’s hard to give an exact definition of a treatment package, because each person has a completely different experience from giving birth.

Welcoming a new child into the world is a blessed event, and many women find pregnancy and childbirth to be incredibly rewarding and fulfilling.

Yet this blessed event brings about significant changes to a woman’s body. Many of these changes are undesirable, and difficult to reverse, even after the body has bounced back following childbirth. Some common after-effects of pregnancy and breastfeeding are:


While loose muscles and stretched skin improve somewhat over time, a woman’s body rarely ever returns to pre-pregnancy condition, even with diet and exercise.

At one time, women were stuck with their new, post-childbirth bodies. Now, though, more and more women are seeking out plastic surgeons who can help restore the youthfulness of their pre-pregnancy bodies.

Mommy Makeovers include a variety of post-maternity breast and body reshaping procedures that can rejuvenate breasts and tummies, giving new moms the double blessing of a beautiful child and a beautiful body!

“Would you like to know more about a Mommy Makeover?”

Enjoy your new baby and your body. The procedures outlined on this page, along with other plastic surgery procedures, can restore and rejuvenate your body after having children.

Whether you are considering a single breast or body procedure, or you’re interested in a complete Mommy Makeover package, call us at (832) 398-0112 to schedule a consultation. We’ll sit down and discuss your goals and help you determine whether a Mommy Makeover is right for you.

“Some of the procedures included in a Mommy Makeover are:”

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