Genioplasty Chin Augmentation Houston

Although many people do not notice it, a weak chin can significantly affect facial appearance, causing the nose to look larger or the neck to look loose. Genioplasty, or chin augmentation, can provide a more balanced facial appearance and give the patient a chin that is stronger, wider or longer. The results of a genioplasty can be customized to meet a patient’s individual goals. Chin augmentation is often performed in conjunction with rhinoplasty or other facial procedures for optimal results.

During the genioplasty procedure, an implant made of silicone or another soft, flexible material is inserted into the chin through a small incision underneath. The implant may be placed into a pocket or secured to the bone with screws for long-lasting results. This procedure usually takes about 30 minutes to perform, with patients usually able to return to work and other regular activities the next day. Chin augmentation is considered a safe procedure with few risks, which can be further reduced by choosing an experienced surgeon to perform your procedure.