Now that flip flop weather is officially over, your feet might be feeling a little exhausted. While you’ve been rocking your Birkenstocks, taking endless dips in the pool, and feeling the sand between your toes, your feet have been working overtime. They aren’t used to being exposed to the elements and they can start to feel pretty dried out once the fall hits (and that crisp autumn air certainly doesn’t help either). Thankfully, getting your feet back to normal isn’t tough!


Moisturizing is always a key step in relieving your dry, cracked skin. Be sure to apply lotion to your feet as soon as you wake up and right before you go to bed. Your feet aren’t as sensitive as your face, so don’t be afraid to opt for a stronger moisturizer!


To maximize the effectiveness of your moisturizer, you need to practice proper exfoliation. The added friction and different conditions of summer footwear may have caused you to develop calluses which can get in the way of deep moisturization. Scrubs with natural salt or sugar bases are perfect for removing buildups of dead skin cells. In a pinch, you can even try adding white sugar to your cleanser for extra exfoliation.


Your feet have put up with a lot recently and you may have even developed blisters while readjusting to your fall footwear. Blisters can be very painful and annoying, so getting quick relief from them is important. It may seem obvious, but switching out your shoes to something more comfortable should definitely be your top priority. Clean your foot thoroughly and apply a soothing cream, followed by a sterile gauze pad to let yourself heal naturally.

Have any more questions about getting your feet to feel refreshed this autumn? Let us know!