Hair Restoration Houston

Hair loss can occur as a result of aging, heredity, medications or an underlying medical condition. Hair loss can affect people of all ages, and is much more common in men than in women. Most men are troubled by this undesired change to their appearance, which can result in pattern baldness, patchy spots, or thinned hair.

While there is no medical cure for hair less, several different hair restoration techniques are available which can help restore hair that has been lost and slow the progression of future hair loss. Hair transplantation is one of the most common procedures available, wherein grafts of hair from more plentiful areas are removed and transplanted to balding areas at the crown and hairline to produce an appearance of a full head of hair. Propecia® is another treatment option — an oral medication that helps grow new hair and slows further hair loss.

Other treatments for hair loss may include topic creams, scalp reduction, skin lifts/grafts or a combination of these. Dr. Chaudhari can consult with hair loss patients to determine which hair restoration treatment is best, depending on the amount, location and cause of hair loss, as well as the patient’s personal goals for treatment.