Ms. America 2013 - sittingDr. Chaudhari was fortunate enough to meet this smart and beautiful Houstonian, Chiniqua Pettaway, back in May. Chiniqua is a busy small-business owner and fitness enthusiast whose platform is heart-disease awareness for women and fitness for kids. This past June, Ms. Pettaway went to California and competed against nearly 50 other beautiful women and won the national title of Ms. America 2013, only 2 weeks after having her breast lift done by Dr. Chaudhari. Since that blessed day, Chiniqua has used her new celebrity status to spread awareness of health and fitness to the city of Houston, and she will be leading a walk with the American Heart Association’s Go Red for Women campaign later this fall. We are so proud to share this testament of award-winning plastic surgery with all our friends! Congrats to Chiniqua for becoming Ms. America 2013, and congrats to Dr. Chaudhari for helping her along the way!!

“Prior to my surgery I was self conscious about my breast and how I was going to look in my swimsuit and evening gown. The results of my breast lift gave me the confidence to wear the gown of my choice and shine on stage without worry. Thank you Dr. Chaudhari for giving me a winning edge!”  –Chiniqua Pettaway, Ms. America 2013