Breast Reconstruction Houston

Breast reconstruction is a surgical procedure commonly performed after a mastectomy to offer patients psychological and aesthetic benefits when recovering from breast cancer. This procedure allows many women to fully return to the life they enjoyed before a breast cancer diagnosis, almost no signs of the disease remaining. Although the treatment of cancer is the main focus for both patient and doctor, restoring your appearance after breast cancer can often help ensure a complete recovery of body and mind.

For many women, breasts are an important symbol of femininity that helps define their self-confidence and body image. The emotional effects of an altered appearance can be as psychologically damaging as the initial cancer diagnosis. Breast reconstruction serves to restore a woman’s body to its original condition after the treatment of breast cancer. There are several different techniques available for breast reconstruction depending on the each patient’s individual condition and their desired results.

Live Breast Reconstruction Videos

WARNING: The following videos may contain nudity and/or graphic images and may not be suitable for all audiences. Viewer is advised.

Coco (6’1” 280 lbs) is a MTF transgender patient. 800 cc silicone gummy implants with areolar tightening to further transition.

Maricruz (4’11” 120 lbs) is a small-framed woman who recently had breast augmentation using 600 cc silicone implants by another surgeon and presented to me about 3 weeks post-op with exposed left breast implant. She will be undergoing breast implant exchange to smaller implants that are more appropriate for her body size.

Sheri (5’5” 138 lbs) had saline breast implants in place for about 25 years with capsular contracture on Right side and will be undergoing Breast Implant exchange with Removal of old saline implants, correction of capsular contracture on Right, and placement of new 400 cc silicone gummy implants.