Lip Lift & Augmentation

A lip augmentation procedure can achieve various goals and address lip thinning or sagging due to aging. Some of the most common reasons people seek the lip lift procedure are to add volume to aging, thinning lips, remove extra skin from the upper to achieve a more youthful appearance, or to permanently reshape aging lips with a combination of fillers and surgery. Call (832) 981-5372 or email us to request a consultation for lip lift surgery in Pearland or Houston, Texas.

Dr. Swet Chaudhari is a double board-certified plastic surgeon performing lip augmentation for people throughout the Houston, Pearland, and Clear Lake, Texas areas. Contact us to schedule a complimentary lip lift consultation to see if it’s right for you.

Lip Augmentation Procedures

Some of the lip augmentation surgeries we perform include:

  • Lip Lifts
  • Lip Fillers
  • Botox Lip Flips

Schedule a Lip Augmentation Consultation

Contact SunCoast Plastic Surgery to schedule a complimentary consultation with Dr. Chaudhari to see if a lip augmentation procedure is right for you. Dr. Chaudhari has over 20 years of surgery experience and has been Proudly serving Houston, Pearland, and Clear Lake since 2010.

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Lip Lift Videos

WARNING: The following videos may contain nudity and/or graphic images and may not be suitable for all audiences. Viewer is advised.

Grace (5’8” 150 lbs) has lost about 150 lbs from a gastric sleeve about 2 years ago and already had a brachioplasty by me about 6 months ago. She wanted all the extra skin from her thighs removed so she underwent a medial thigh lift with T-incisions.

Laura (5’7” 140 lbs) has lost 75 lbs over the past few years and now has significant excess skin of arms and inner thighs and will be undergoing brachioplasty (arm lift) and crescent thigh lift to remove that excess skin.

Sonia (5’3” 142 lbs) had a tummy tuck with lipo and breast lift many years ago and then lost a lot of weight. She came to us address the extra skin of her thighs, her sagging buttocks and breast deflation, so she underwent crescent thigh lift, buttock lift, and breast augmentation.