Well it’s almost winter again and you know what that means: dry air and even dryer skin. The cold is not the most forgiving temperature for your body and causes all sorts of skincare headaches that can leave you feeling miserable. Thankfully, there are many ways that you can prepare for your winter hibernation and fight the effects of aging! We’ve put together a bulletproof plan to getting the most out of the holidays. Just because the temperatures are dropping doesn’t mean you should drop the quality of your skincare regime!


Above everything, this. When that cool, dry winter air hits you, it’s going to suck all of the moisture right out of your skin. You need to fight back with a solid moisturization plan. You are going to want to increase the amount of times you moisturize per day and you should even consider switching out a water-based moisturizer for one with oil. Almond, avocado, and primrose oil moisturizers can give your skin that extra shield against the elements that it’s definitely going to need.

Products made with humectants (honey is a popular one) are a great idea as they attract and lock in moisture. Even try looking for great ingredients like vitamin E and making sure that you wet your skin before applying your moisturizer to maximize that nourishing effect.


Dry skin means dead skin. Clearing away your dead skin cells regularly through exfoliation is crucial to clean up your face and unclog your pores. Buildups of skin cells can bog down your face and make your skincare regime work backwards. An added benefit of exfoliation is that it can open up your pours, letting your moisturizer really soak in and give you that deep clean feeling for even longer.

Apply Night Creams

Do you use night creams? If you don’t yet, you should totally consider picking one up. You need to keep your face hydrated and protected all day because that crisp winter air doesn’t sleep! A nourishing night cream loaded with oil and vitamins will work wonders on your face overnight and make sure that all of your hard skincare work doesn’t go to waste. You deserve to wake up feeling refreshed (and your skin does too)!

Dress Appropriately

Cover up! One of the best ways to protect yourself from nasty winter weather is with the right clothing. Wrap a scarf around your face, rock a warm pair of gloves, and leave as little skin exposed as possible. Intense gusts of cold wind can dry you out and leave you open to irritation, but with the proper attire you won’t have to worry.

Wear Sunscreen

You won’t be hitting the beach this winter, but that doesn’t mean you can’t get a sunburn! In fact, if you plan on hitting the slopes this season for some skiing, you’ll definitely want to block those harmful UV rays with some good sunscreen since snow can intensify the effects of the sun by reflecting and magnifying its glare. Even when it’s cloudy out, you can still get too much sun so don’t hesitate to slather on that SPF.

Stay Hydrated

Keeping your skin moisturized isn’t just about using the right creams! You need to keep your whole body moisturized by drinking lots of water. It can be easy to forget about drinking water regularly when it’s cold out, but it’s just as important in the winter as it is in the summer. Try to drink a large glass or two with every meal or carry a water bottle around with you to remind yourself to keep sipping that H2O.

Take Off Wet Gloves and Socks

Just finished a snowball fight? Be sure to peel off those wet gloves – leaving them on can increase the possibility of irritation. Avoid getting itchy and toss them in the dryer as soon as you get inside.

Use a Humidifier

Your home might feel a lot warmer than outside, but the air can still dry you out. Turn the humidifier on and keep yourself from drying out while you’re trying to relax and get away from the chilly outdoors.

Have any more questions about how you can feel younger and more refreshed this winter? Contact us! We’d love to help.