Every day your makeup brushes help you look great, so it’s only right that you return the favor! Keeping your makeup brushes is easy and can help you keep your skin in better condition by avoiding unnecessary contamination and pollution from dirt, bacteria, and leftover product.

Here are the best ways to make sure your brushes are nice and neat! Hint: Always keep the metal part of your brushes dry. Contact with water can loosen your bristles and eventually your brushes could fall apart.

Gentle Shampoo

One of the most common ways to keep brushes clean is by using baby shampoo, a soft body wash, or even dish soap to gently cleanse the bristles of any impurities. Put a dab of shampoo or body wash on a sponge, run your brushes over it, and rinse them under warm water before leaving them to dry on paper towel.

Olive Oil

That’s right: olive oil isn’t just for cooking delicious meals! Fill a shallow bowl with olive oil and submerge the heads of your brushes into it. Rub your brushes against a sponge to remove dirt and germs. This process will clean your brushes and also help strengthen their bristles, keeping them silky smooth. Be sure to rinse your brushes off under warm water to remove excess olive oil afterwards.

Bar Soap

In a pinch, you can even use bar soap to keep your makeup brushes clean. Grab a bar of soap and thoroughly rub the heads of your brushes with it. Rinse under warm water and this should clean any gunk right off! Leave your brushes out to dry on a clean towel or sheet of paper towels.


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